Jimmy Freight Breeding To Support CHRHF

The Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame, in cooperation with Ontario pacing stallion Jimmy Freight, today announced a unique opportunity for one special Ontario-based pacing mare.

The owner of one mare will be chosen to breed to Ontario pacing stallion, Jimmy Freight, free of charge in 2021, without being charged a stud fee.

The mare will be chosen by the Hall of Fame, from submitted mares.  The only conditions are as follows:

1) The breeder agrees to pay the mare into the Ontario Mare Residency program.

2) The breeder agrees to allow the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame to name the horse to help promote the Hall’s mandate and vision.

3) The breeder agrees to donate 50% of the proceeds of any breeder rewards from the resulting foal’s two-year-old and three-year-old years (2024 and 2025) to the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame.

4)  The breeder agrees to pay all other expenses related to the breeding as specified by the breeding farm.  (Winbak Ontario)

The Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame, as a registered charity, will provide a tax receipt for the donation as per Canadian regulations and laws.

“The Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame is very excited about the opportunity to do this, and we are thankful to Adriano Sorella for this generous donation,” said Darryl Kaplan, President of the CHRHF. “It’s important for the Hall to think to the future. We are part of this industry, and the idea of the Hall benefitting only if the breeder, and owner benefits – is a way of being in this together.”

If you have a mare that you would like to be considered for this exciting program, or for more details, contact Linda Rainey before 5:00 pm on Monday, March 29th at linda.rainey@horseracinghalloffame.com with the following:

The name of the mare:

Birth year of the mare:

Due date (or if the mare is barren/maiden):

The chosen mare will be selected by Wednesday, March 31st.