Support the CHRHF on #GivingTuesday

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

With #GivingTuesday scheduled to take place December 1st, 2020, we ask you to consider supporting our mission to preserve and tell the Canadian horse racing story, what has been, as well as what is yet to be.  

Created as an international day of giving for non-profit and charity organizations, #GivingTuesday provides a focussed day to recognize the causes most important to each of us.

2020 has presented the world, our country and our communities with challenges not previously seen in our lifetime.  It has also provided those of us at the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame with an opportunity to reflect on our mission.   We have the honour and privilege of being the only organization in Canada solely focussed on promoting and protecting the over 250 years of our sport’s history.  Telling the stories of the people who have persisted and persevered through times of economic crisis, wars and human struggle, along with our equine athletes who continue to be our shining stars and motivation. 

We, however, are not just an organization looking to the past, we also look to what we might be in the future.  We dream of a Hall of Fame that will draw people in and showcase the history and heritage of Canadian horse racing in a way that is truly engaging and forward-looking.  To help reach these goals, we respectfully ask you to consider making a donation to the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame.