Ernest D. Adams

Hall of Fame Inductee, 1984



Ernest D. Adams was known as the “Daddy of thoroughbred racing” in Western Canada. Adams, who was born in India, came to Canada at an early age and lived with his family in Manitoba for a very short time – then moved with them to his permanent home in Calgary, Alberta. “E.D.” was active in the sport of thoroughbred racing for over 50 years. He acquired his first thoroughbred race horse in 1900 and retired as a steward in 1952 at the age of 84. He played a prominent role along with R. J. (Jim) Speers in organizing thoroughbred racing in Western Canada. He also played a prominent role in the formation of the Chinook Jockey Club in 1912.

He was a director of the Calgary Exhibition from 1907 to 1948; acted as chairman of both the Racing Committee and Finance Committee at different times and was Secretary-Treasurer of the Alberta Thoroughbred Horse Association from its inception until his retirement. In 1925 “E.D.” became the steward representing the Prairie Thoroughbred Breeders and Racing Association. As a result, he officiated at all race meets in the three Prairie Provinces – Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. He was truly a “Great Builder” and he was known to his associates as just plain “E.D.” not Mr. Adams.